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August 29, 2006

I’ll turn the couch down

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I experienced a very cool AV system at the house of my wife’s maid of honour. Home Theatre systems are not new, although I had not previously seen one in which the rear speakers were built into the room. If you have a large collection of DVD and CD having them loaded into a 400 disc auto-changer seems like a good idea. Having a remote control which is programmed with the disc names, sorted by genre and shows you pictures of the covers is helpful in managing such a number of discs. So far, we are on the geeky side of normal, but not reached the height of uber-cool geekiness.

It was the couch, that was beyond anything I had ever heard of, let alone seen. The couch, known as a “Butt-kicker” was wired into the sub-woofer and internal pistons caused the frame to shudder with the bass notes. This works great for action movies, but the effect is over the top for music, so our host turned down the intensity for Dark Side of the Moon. This was not an ordinary CD, but an SACD; a CD remastered for surround system systems. The cash registers and clocks rung and ticked from all sides; very impressive.

Geek score : 8/10


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