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September 18, 2006

Context Search

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I use Opera as my default browser and have done so for several years. I started using Opera because I like tabbed browsing; a feature now supported by most of its competitors. I have continued to use it because of its strong support for control from the keyboard.

One feature I have not utilized until recently, but am finding invaluable now, is the ability to extend the in-browser search facilities. Opera has a search bar, into which you can type text and it will use your default search engine or any from a list of options. The user can easily add to this list. There is a hot key that gives this field focus.

However, it is not this field that I am finding so useful. If you select and right-click text in Opera, the context menu includes an option to use your default search engine on the text, or to search with any of the other search engines. I have set up Google Maps as a search engine. When reviewing job adverts I can select the name of the location, right click and select Search With… Google Maps. I can then see where the job is located.

Opera Context Search

EDIT: The search string that causes this to work is as follows:

Geek Score 8/10


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  1. You can do it in Mozilla too – nice little extension called Advanced URL Builder

    Comment by G — February 23, 2007 @ 1:24 pm

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