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January 21, 2007

Dark Magic

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I go to the movies fairly frequently, but rarely have I see a film as deserving as superlatives as the one I saw last week. It is fabulous and wonderful and I use both of these adjectives in a precise sense. The story is a fable with a strong moral message and is filled with scenes of childish wonder. It blends a fairy story with a grim setting in a dark part of European history; the two elements reflecting aspects of the underlying theme.

The film is Spanish, I saw it with English subtitles. The English name of the movie is “Pan’s Labyrinth”, the original is “El Laberinto del Fauno”. It is a story of a young girl in Franco’s post civil war Spain, who travels with her pregnant mother to a rural area in which Fascist forces battle the resistance. She escapes into a fantasy world, where the faun of the title sets her tasks to prove is she has the soul of a long lost princess. This narrative is intertwined with events in the real world. Both story threads explore the importance of personal choices over following orders.

The film looks stunning and both plot lines intrigue and offer real emotional depth. It captivated from the opening shots to the haunting finale. It is a movie that benefited from being seen in a cinema with a large screen and a great sound system.


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