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October 11, 2007

iPhone Part One

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This is part one of my iPhone review. This first post focuses on what you get in the box. In common with the iPod, the unit is beautifully packaged, in a box that says desirable designer item rather than cell phone. Inside the box, you get the iPhone, a data/charger cable, headphones, a couple of pamphlets, a mains charger, and a docking bay. The mains charger used to ship with 3rd generation iPods; I had one when I was given mine a couple of years ago, but is now an extra cost. The docking bay is a useful addition, although why is it and the cables are white when the iPhone is black?

One of the two pamphlets is a list of health and safety issues; the other a “Finger Tip” picture guide that explains how to use the device. What is not included is a full manual; this is available as a free download from Apple.

The iPhone is slightly longer and narrower than my 20 GB iPod. Most of the front of the device is occupied by a touch sensitive screen, with a single button beneath it. The connector is placed at the bottom; it is the same one as that on previous iPods, so I can use my existing cables. On the side there is a volume rocker and a mute switch. On the top there is a power button, a headphone socket, and a slot that gives access to the sim card. The back has the camera lens.

There can be no doubt that it is looks extremely cool, the lack of a conventional keyboard makes it so much more elegant than a regular mobile – although it is larger than my last six mobile.

Next time, I will write about how the iPhone works as a phone.


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