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November 11, 2007

Google and its Fast Food Obsession

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Back in July, on my main blog, I mentioned that an article about the uniforms worn by staff at Hot Dog on a Stick was by far my most read article. Four months later, that is still the case. In the last thirty days it has been linked to from a search engine nearly ten times more frequently than the next most commonly linked article. However, increasingly it is the article’s title that is the reason for it being found, rather than the content. I jokingly used the title “Violation of the Bill of Rights”; as I called the uniforms “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”. Why do people find my article when looking for such a serious subject? The answer is that search engines seem to have odd priorities in their algorithms. has it as the ninth highest ranked article and Google, the clear search leader in popularity terms, has it at third. Yes, according to the mighty Google, despite current events, the third most important article on the entire web about violations of The Bill of Rights is my little piece on fast food uniforms. If I had actually written an article on the threats to the freedoms enshrined in the ten amendments that make up The Bill of Rights, I would be flattered, as is it makes me think I should switch to Yahoo or, both of whom avoid linking to the article anywhere in their top fifty results.


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