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December 25, 2007


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Flowcharts are not usually a source of mirth. However, this site has rather amusing examples.


December 23, 2007

Shopping with an iPhone

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Among the many useful features that Amazon offers the ability for customers to create a wishlist. This allows you to create web-pages with items that you would like to receive as gifts. Your friends and relatives can then click on the items and Amazon will wrap them and mail them to you. You get what you want while your loved ones avoid the crush of Christmas crowds.

This weekend I was in the mall looking for inspiration for stocking fillers when I saw something that I thought was on a wishlist. Thanks to the usability of the iPhone web browser, I was able to go to Amazon and check the wishlist against the item in front of me. Thus several hundred dollars of equipment allowed me to reproduce the effect of writing down the list on a piece of paper to check as I wondered around the store.

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