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June 22, 2008

Virtual Lego

Filed under: Geek Stuff — britinla @ 11:01 am

I seem to have had several posts on my blogs in recent weeks with a Lego theme. Maybe that is why this program caught my eye. It allows you to use virtual Lego bricks to build a model. The software will then price the parts that you used and you can order the necessary bricks online, which from the manufacturer’s point of view is how they intend to make money from the program. I find the idea of ordering just enough bricks to make a specific model somewhat odd. The appeal of Lego to me has always been to have a lot of bricks so that you can build whatever you desire. Since my childhood Lego seems to have been more frequently sold like an Airfix kit, with a single model in mind, as with this $500 Lego  box.

Here is a screenshot of my first virtual Lego model.


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  1. In retrospect, we ought to have suggested Millenium Falcon as a candidate for the new conference room at work – which would have justified the expense and time in securing and assembling the model to which you linked! 🙂

    Comment by ilegirl — June 22, 2008 @ 9:07 pm

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