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July 1, 2008

Penultimate Who

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I write this post one episode short of the climax to season thirty of Doctor Who. This is the fourth season since its return and it seems to have reached a comforting level of consistency. The Moffat two part story aside, there have been no truly outstanding episodes, but we have been spared the disappointments that marred the previous three years. I know that some disliked the Agatha Christie story, but I reveled in the humorous homage, so I omit that from a list of duds that includes Boom Town, Idiots Lantern, and 42. Even Moffat’s contribution fell short of last season’s Blink, but then virtually every forty-five minutes of TV ever made fails that test, so that may not be a fair comparison.

There has been a dark shadow overlying the whole season. It has been cast by the latest companion, but it is not a negative reflection on Catherine Tate. Donna Noble has grown to be one of the more interesting companions; the result of script and strong performance. The shadow is the implication, initially foretold in the third episode and echoed since, that she will not survive with the Doctor long. I was not one of the fans up in arms about her casting, but I am surprised how saddened I am at the thought of her imminent departure.

I hope that the season climax does not fall back onto a Deus ex machina cliché to which Russel T Davies has shown himself so attached. I know that my hopes will be dashed, but I also know that it will be delivered with such style and aplomb that I will lap it up despite the flaws in the dénouement.


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  1. Well as you have pointed out before, a few well written lines of a script and any issue of apparent finality can be reversed.

    Comment by @mmonyte — July 6, 2008 @ 3:38 am

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