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July 4, 2008

Which Who are You

Filed under: Geek Stuff — britinla @ 11:18 am

There seem to be a plethora of “Which Doctor Are you” personality quizzes on the net. Either they are not very rigorous in the methods they use to appraise your personality, as I have tried five of them and got five different results (Eighth, Seventh, First, Sixth, and Third) I stopped when I got the result that I wanted.

You are the third Doctor! Well, you certainly know how to dress. Even people saving time and space have to look good, I suppose. You’re not overly fond of the military. Strange how you ended up working for them. You can be a bit egotisitical, but this is tempered by your genuine dedication to putting right the wrongs caused by evil men and monsters and your sincere affection for those around you.


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