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July 21, 2008

A Busy Weekend in Norrath

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This was a busy weekend for me in Everquest 2. I went with my 32nd level Tier’Dal Coercer into the 70+ world of Kunark to keep a 25 druid company as they tried to find the ancient rings that are scattered across the world. By visiting these locations the druid will be able to open portals that can send us to those places. It was amazing that the fours of us took just three deaths.

I had my templar attempt to get our guild leader and another Paladin deep enough into Sebelis to get the next step on her quest for the Paladin Epic Weapon. That attempt failed. Pyrowin did manage a trio run into Mistmoore Castle so our Gnomish Ranger got his Epic Weapon update. Prowin also earned the Hunter of Vampire title as we fought our way through the blood-sucker infested castle.

Pyrowin started his own quest for his Epic Weapon. I plucked a rare night blooming rose in the Desert or Ro, purchased a rare extract of the air from a Hooluk in the Realm of the Dawn, and now needs to head into a deep dungeon that none of our guild have ever ventured.

Gorfkol, my wizard alt reached the level tradeskill (for the second time) cap as he reached 80.


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