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August 17, 2008

New Laptop

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My mother-in-law needed a laptop of her own. She has been using mine for the last few weeks, which left me without a web browser, email client, and IM when playing PC games. Looking at Craigslist, I saw a perfect laptop. The problem was that it was ideal for me and not for my mother-in-law. The simple fix was to purchase the unit for me and give her my laptop. For just $230, I now the proud owner of an iBook which is in excellent condition and has the latest version of OS X that the Power PC processor supports. I have spent the afternoon tidying up my old laptop and setting this unit up. It made an excellent job of connecting to our wireless network, finding the printer and shared drives. I have installed a version of OpenOffice, so I can word processing and spreadsheets. 

Since this is my first real use of OS X, it is taking a little while to adjust, but the overall experience is excellent. The responsiveness of the laptop is very impressive, especially given the specs which in PC teams would be feeble; 700Mhz processor and 640Mb of RAM. Given that the laptop will be used for web browsing, music, and word processing the performance will be more than adequate.


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  1. Welcome Aboard! You now win a lifetime subscription to “Kool-Aid magazine”.

    Comment by @mmonyte — August 18, 2008 @ 7:54 am

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