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February 27, 2009

Pimp your iPhone

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Want to make your iPhone stand out from the crowd, how about spending just a little more than standard US retail on this Austrian made upgrade. OK, so EUR 1.79m + 20% tax ( $2.27m + tax = $2.72m) is quite a lot of money for a reskinning of a cell-phone, but your iPhone is worth it… isn’t it?


February 23, 2009

Cold Water

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There are advantages in having played another MMO before coming to Lord of the Rings Online; one has knowledge of how these games work and can look for familiar patterns. There are disadvantages too; one can assume that things will work as they so in another game and that assumption can result in unfortunate events.

In EQ2 there is a part of the world called Everfrost, an arctic zone covered in ice and snow. You arrive in the area at a small island in a bay; to get to the main area you need to swim through the icy ocean. The lesson learnt is that water temperature in games is not an issue. This weekend we were exploring Forchal, a frozen wilderness  in the North of Middle Earth. We saw this glacial sea and Raevyn our elven leader dived in, followed by a rather foolish dwarf. The effects were almost immediate and we were dead before we could find some shoreline to scramble out. If we had not played EQ2, we might have assumed that arctic waters were a bad place for a swim, but we knew better.


The following day, Raevyn was leading us on a short cut to Meluinen. We dropped into a temperate river and were swimming down stream when we approached the top of a waterfall. I held back, quoting common-sense and the previous day’s encounter. The elf and hobbit swam over whilst I and the human member of our fellowship held back and then went down the long way to fish corpses off the rocks at the bottom. It will be a long time before I let the elf lead me into water.

February 15, 2009

Halfway There

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I reached level thirty on my dwarf in Lord of the Rings Online this weekend. Since the top level is sixty, that is halfway there in numeric terms. However, progress through levels in any sort of Role Playing Games is never linear; the rate of gaining levels will slow down. It may have taken five weeks to get this far, but it will take a lot longer for the next thirty.

Here is a shot of my dwarf, the elven hunter, and human champion that make up the fellowship which is exploring Middle-Earth. Despite the evidence of the picture, clothing in the game does come in a lot of colours that are not shades of brown.


February 12, 2009

An Elf

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Illegirl was surprised in her comment on my previosu post that I was playing a dwarf in Lord of the Rings and not an Elf. I started with an Elf, but in trying the other three races; Dwarf, Hobbit and Race of Men,  my dwarf was the one I enjoyed playing the most.  The dwarf is therefore my main character here. Oddly the group with which I play has one of each race.

Here, though is a picture of my elf after he too made the hazardous trip to Rivendell.


February 10, 2009

There and Back Again

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After nearly four years playing Everquest 2 I have left the world of Norrath, for a while at least. With a couple of my friends from EQ2 I have started playing Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). We wanted to explore a new world and start with a fresh game. Granted that this world is both new and familiar; I know that heading East from the shire will bring me to the Brandywine and that from there I can enter the sinister Old Forest. In Bree I know to head to The Prancing Pony. It is no surprise that in that tavern there is a mysterious ranger called Strider.

The game has a wonderful visual appeal, Rivendell is as beautiful as one expects, and the Barrow Downs and Old Forest as chilling and un-nerving as you fear. There is still much about the game that is new and unfamiliar and there is a real pleasure when you don’t know what adventures lie down the road.

Here is my dwarf looking down over Bree


Here he is in Rivendell


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