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February 23, 2009

Cold Water

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There are advantages in having played another MMO before coming to Lord of the Rings Online; one has knowledge of how these games work and can look for familiar patterns. There are disadvantages too; one can assume that things will work as they so in another game and that assumption can result in unfortunate events.

In EQ2 there is a part of the world called Everfrost, an arctic zone covered in ice and snow. You arrive in the area at a small island in a bay; to get to the main area you need to swim through the icy ocean. The lesson learnt is that water temperature in games is not an issue. This weekend we were exploring Forchal, a frozen wilderness  in the North of Middle Earth. We saw this glacial sea and Raevyn our elven leader dived in, followed by a rather foolish dwarf. The effects were almost immediate and we were dead before we could find some shoreline to scramble out. If we had not played EQ2, we might have assumed that arctic waters were a bad place for a swim, but we knew better.


The following day, Raevyn was leading us on a short cut to Meluinen. We dropped into a temperate river and were swimming down stream when we approached the top of a waterfall. I held back, quoting common-sense and the previous day’s encounter. The elf and hobbit swam over whilst I and the human member of our fellowship held back and then went down the long way to fish corpses off the rocks at the bottom. It will be a long time before I let the elf lead me into water.


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