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March 9, 2009

My Kingdom for a Horse

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My Dwarf in Lord of the Rings Online reached level 35 during the week and by Sunday was level 37. Reaching level 35 allowed me to purchase a horse; except it is not quite that easy. I went to the horse farms North of Bree, but before the farmer will sell me one of his steeds I had to show that I was capable of handling one safely. This involved delivering three horses to three different locations and then running back to the farm after each delivery. Once these journeys were completed my dwarf had to ride a marked course around the farm within a set time. I failed my first attempt, by heading off in the wrong direction. I went through the first set of markers and the quest guidance still said ride through the first gate. The time lost in this little directional mess-up left me with insufficient time to complete the quest.

I do not actually have a horse yet; firstly as a dwarf I cannot ride actual horses just ponies. I do not have a a pony because the cost at somewhat over 4 gold coins is very nearly my entire wealth and being able to move about faster than I can on my short legs does not seem worth rendering me penniless. I shall continue to try to sell fine items of crafted jewellery and mined ore at the auction house to gain more coin. Given that the pony that The Fellowship purchased from Bill Fearny cost a few silver, I think I am being over-charged.

I also had a walk in Rivendell with Frodo at Gandalf’s request, listening to this concerns about his upcoming mission. I was able to reassure Gandalf at the end that Frodo is bearing up well. It was odd though, usually my mood is light and upbeat in Rivendell; during that walk there was an almost perceptible feel of doom lying upon us. That sense faded as soon as I was out of the hobbit’s company.

Here is a shot of us in a Troll  Cave looking at an a stone statue, with an occasional fourth member of our fellowship; a hobbit minstrel.The hobbit is looking in the opposite direction to the rest of us, maybe there was food in that direction.



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