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April 27, 2009

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

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I found this in a comment on the excellent The Old New Thing blog.

73.94539590% of all statistics are unrealistically exact.

120% of all statistics exaggerate greatly.

36% of all statistics are consistent, while 81% aren’t.


April 13, 2009

Against the Nazgul

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My dwarf reached level 46 this weekend, just four away from the game’s original level cap.This weekend marked three months since he had started. He took his first steps into the Misty Mountains, but the weekend’s main achievements lay in the ongoing storyline in which we are helping the Fellowship of the Ring.

We assisted Legolas in exploring a dark, corrupted area near the Ford of Bruinen and realised that the one Dark Rider who had not been forced to return to Moria by the flood was at work. It was essential that we drive this Nazgul away, for with him about it would be too dangerous for the Fellowship to set forth from Rivendell. With Gimli’s help, we defeated an undead dwarf who was a servant of the Enemy and whose path I had crossed since starting, but the Nazgul escaped. Finally, in an abandoned dwarven citadel in the Misty Mountains we battled the Nazgul and at terrible cost we drove him back to Mordor; opening the way for the Fellowship to set off on their journey. Unfortunately, before we could get to him he raised a dragon from the dead; so now there is a massive undead dragon wandering the Misty Mountains. 

Away from these epic adventures, I investigated an odd fish loving creature that was skulking around the Ford or Bruinen. My attempt to capture him failed, but I drove him off; he kept muttering about his precious – very odd.

(My spell check offered Nigel as an alternative to Nazgul)

April 1, 2009

Lost in the Maze

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The Spring Festival in LOTRO includes a maze built on the rolling hills outside Bree. There are various quest givers standing outside. An Elf wants you to find half a dozen elves that are wandering lost inside; though when you meet them they all deny that they are lost. A dwarf wants to add to the confusion by hanging misleading signs at various points. A hobbit wants you to rescue chickens that are meandering inside; though given the hobbit proclivity for food, they may be safer in the maze than rescued. A man offers the far more prosaic run through the maze against the clock, with ever shorter times.

Each quest gave a token as a reward. These tokens could then be bartered for a house item. My elf decided to get a garden dwarf for my dwarves home. I am not sure that the dwarf will be terribly amused. ScreenShot00054

There is an excellent post giving some plausible lore behind the creation of the maze at the West Karana blog.

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