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April 1, 2009

Lost in the Maze

Filed under: Geek Stuff — britinla @ 6:27 am

The Spring Festival in LOTRO includes a maze built on the rolling hills outside Bree. There are various quest givers standing outside. An Elf wants you to find half a dozen elves that are wandering lost inside; though when you meet them they all deny that they are lost. A dwarf wants to add to the confusion by hanging misleading signs at various points. A hobbit wants you to rescue chickens that are meandering inside; though given the hobbit proclivity for food, they may be safer in the maze than rescued. A man offers the far more prosaic run through the maze against the clock, with ever shorter times.

Each quest gave a token as a reward. These tokens could then be bartered for a house item. My elf decided to get a garden dwarf for my dwarves home. I am not sure that the dwarf will be terribly amused. ScreenShot00054

There is an excellent post giving some plausible lore behind the creation of the maze at the West Karana blog.


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