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May 18, 2009

Fifty and Beyond

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It has been several weeks since I posted about my adventures in Lord of the Rings Online. I have still been playing and progressing, just not been writing about it. This is a catchup post for the last month or so.

My dwarf is now level 53. He has acquired a pony which allows him to ride across Middle Earth more rapidly. He has seen The Fellowship of the Ring depart from Rivendell. He has then followed their path clearing up signs of their passage; it is not all heroic activities. He helped a group of dwarves who had launched an expedition to enter Moria; driving the lurker in the water away so that Durin’s gate is now safe to approach. He was told the story of Moria’s fall, which involved me playing the part of a dwarf present when the Balrog was woken. Fortunately, I was not expected to fight this monster, just escape.


I have also found Bill the Pony, left outside Moria by the Fellowship. I helped the pony by fending off wolf attacks until it was safely on the road back to Bree.

My dwarf has yet to really explore Moria, as he has been finishing up quests elsewhere in the vast land of Middle Earth. However, I did peek inside the great halls



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  1. Moria is kinda..dark. It’s nice when you get to the elves outside and daylight again. Plus, they’re kinda party elves, which is nice after all the bleak.

    Srill enjoying it more than EQ2.

    Emma (formerly of Glasgow, mainly the airport :-))

    Comment by Emmzi — June 17, 2009 @ 1:12 pm

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