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June 17, 2009

iPhone Update

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Today Apple released a new version of the Operating System for the iPhone. The update went smoothly, though download speed was low; maybe there were a few others wanting the software. There are some features that require newer hardware, but most of the major advances work on my first gen handset.

The most useful feature is one that should have been there from the start; at last copy and paste is available.

There is a new voice memo application. It seems to work well, but there were plenty of 3rd party apps that provided the same facility.

Email can now be edited in landscape mode, which makes the keyboard easier to use.

There is a great new search facility, that will look through music, email, notes, and applications. The search can be bound to a double press of the home button and is a right flick from the initial screen. The search facility might help with launching an app that is buried somewhere on the third or fourth screen.


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